The Amphibious Delivery

The Amphibious Delivery was made to show the lengths (and depths) KFC was willing to go to deliver their signature goodness where it was thought impossible: the submerged Artex Compound in Malabon City. Artex Compound is an urban poor area known as the “Venice of the Philippines” because its floodwaters have not receded for over 2 decades. So KFC went where no fried chicken has gone before and surprised Artex with a special delivery using the first Philippine-made amphibious tricycle. This simple gesture did not only uplift the spirit of the entire community, but also drew renewed attention to the unique locale.

The Amphibious Delivery Online Video

The Amphibious Delivery Case Study from Paulo Villones on Vimeo.

The Amphibious Delivery Presentation Board
Individual folios: Donna & Paulo