The Learning Boats of Leyte

Won the Philippines' first D&AD Impact Pencil.

It‘s been 3 years since Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines, destroying over 18,000 boats and 90% of schools in the Eastern Visayas Region. Some places still haven’t fully recovered until today. Especially far-flung towns in Leyte, the province most damaged by the typhoon.


We turned boats into classrooms. Who says boats are only for fishing? They can be tools for learning too. We started with 100 boats, now we have 1000 boats in the making. We donated these boats to fishermen who lost their livelihood, but at the same time, we transformed these boats into outdoor classrooms for children who lost their schools.


Philippine Airlines flew artists from Manila to Leyte, to paint the boats with school lessons. Based on the Department of Education's elementary curriculum, the artists designed the lessons to fit the boats' architecture. When boats are docked, teachers can use them as teaching aids for children.

Individual folios: Donna & Paulo